Toddlers are amazing; they start walking, talking and begin to develop relationships with one another. Toddlers are busy, busy little people with lots of new things to explore. Our program for toddlers is filled with sensory experiences that focus on the importance of a toddler’s environment and relationships. Our teachers provide each child with a high level of interaction while individually nurturing each child.

Our teachers will focus on:

 – Monthly theme based units that provide a variety of activities and experiences daily
 – Whole group activities that promote social and skill building development
 – Attention to playtime, learning and nurturing
 – Developing toddler’s self-esteem, confidence and love of learning
 – Learning centers that focus on sensory exploration, language, creative arts and dramatic play
 –Regular communication between families and teachers to keep you informed about your child’s day

A Toddler’s Creed

By Dr. Terry Brazelton
If I want it, it’s mine.
If I give it to you and change my mind later, it’s mine.
If I can take it away from you, it’s mine.
If I had it a little while ago it’s mine.
If it’s mine, it will never belong to anybody else, no matter what.
If we are building something together; all the pieces are mine.
If it looks like mine, it’s mine

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We would love to open up our child care center to you and your family!

At Kiddie Koop Children’s Enrichment Center, we are always excited to meet and welcome new families.

The best way to explore the possibilities of for your child is to schedule a tour.