Two year old children are curious about the world around them. They are busy exploring the world around them while learning to communicate their thoughts. They are becoming independent and understanding the elements of group play. The teacher in the classroom emphasizes on developing the whole child through educational fundamentals and social skills. Keeping them busy and engaging them in activities that are designed specifically for their age group ensures that your child will be on the right path to learning.

The teacher will plan games, songs, movement and art that will let them build skills and confidence. Encouraging child directed play will develop at his/her own pace. Taking turns, sharing and cooperating will teach your child the importance of being a part of a group. Your child will be given the skills and guidance that will allow them to grow into their own person and get them ready for the next step in going into the preschool classroom.

Our teachers will focus on:

 – Small group instruction that promotes skill development
 – Create a variety of cognitive, physical, social and emotional development activities
 – Focus our attention to nurturing, learn and playtime
 – Focus on the environment for the development of the whole child
 –Develop portfolio collections that capture your child’s work and creative expression
 –Provide continued communication between parents/families to keep you informed about your child’s day

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We would love to open up our child care center to you and your family!

At Kiddie Koop Children’s Enrichment Center, we are always excited to meet and welcome new families.

The best way to explore the possibilities of for your child is to schedule a tour.